I am the Managing Director of Mother Goose Day Nursery. I am the Nominated Supervisor and sole owner of Mother Goose Day Nursery. I am a Justice of the Peace for NSW. I am a mum of 4 boys, Bryce, Isaac, Blake and Flynn.
I have lived in Maitland for most of my life and currently live in the private residence at Mother Goose Day Nursery.

I have a Diploma in Children's Services and have attended many training courses including, Weaving Australian Indigenous Culture into our curriculum, Supporting children with learning difficulties, Early Childhood intervention Professional Development Project, by Newcastle Uni, Manage a service organisation, Gifted Education seminar, by Gerric NSW Uni, Certificate of competency of Behaviour solutions for behaviour management, THRASS Accredited Certificate, in teaching English as a first or second language, Educational Leadership Training, Social Media marketing, Child protection training and understanding the new Legislation (EN ACT), Safe Series Workshop, Permaculture, Child Development Course, Good for Kids Good for life workshop, Playground Maintenance and Compliance Workshop, by KIDSAFE, Travel safely with children, by Kids and Traffic, Shade and Sun Safety Workshop, by The Cancer Council, Senior First Aid Certificate, by St John’s Ambulance, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training, Coaching Clinic, Improving Business Management with MYOB and EXCEL. I look forward to meeting you and your child.



Alison is the Room Leader in our Babys Room. Alison joined our team at the start on 2018. Alison has her Diploma in Children's Services. Alison works Monday through to Thursday and has 2 beautiful children of her own. 

Personal Philosophy

I believe that the partnership between families and educators is essential in the growth and development of children in our care. Families are children’s first teachers and by forming meaningful relationships with parents and families, we can work together to provide consistency and continuity between home and the centre.

I strongly believe in children’s emotional development being the cornerstone of trust and security in the childcare environment. When children feel safe and supported, they will explore, play and challenge themselves by trying out new things.

I believe it is important to teach children, not only to respect themselves and others but also to respect our environment. I will encourage children to nurture living things and help them discover how amazing our natural world is.

It is my aim every day to foster children’s life skills and support their confidence and self-worth in all activities they attempt.

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Emaly is working in our Tiny Tadpoles Room. Emaly has her Certificate in 3 Children's Services. Emaly started working at MGDN in 2015. Emaly has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training.

Personal Philosophy

I love that every day is different.

I enjoy the challenge that each day brings.

It is important to me that I develop strong and trusting relationships with parents and families.

I enjoy the challenge of meeting children’s needs and watching them develop and thrive.

I pride myself on being effective and efficient in all tasks and value being apart of the team at Mother Goose Day Nursery.



Jenny has many years experience as a Family Day Care provider and has her certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Jenny joined our team in 2014. Jenny works between the Tiny Tadpoles and Curious Koalas Rooms, supporting educators for lunches and programming. Jenny works part time Monday Thursday and Fridays 7.45-3.45. Jenny has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training.

Personal Philosophy

I believe the early years of a child’s life are the most important, learning is happening all the time through all developmental areas, including physical, social, emotional - cognitive & communication - I believe that the interactions a child receives at a young age has great impact on behaviours and learning for the future.

All children should be given choices in life as well as opportunities to learn and responsibilities to initiate their learning – the environment plays a major role, having programs to the child’s interest in all development areas and backgrounds, equals having a safe, positive, fun environment to encourage learning.

Children need the assurance of feeling loved and cared for as well as feeling safe, secure & supported to trust you to build relationships with them.

Families play a vital part, building a relationship with them I believe is a major part of being a great educator as they are trusting you with their child/ren in a safe, secure and supported environment and providing them feedback about their day is a vital part of relationships with a family and showing you care for there wellbeing.

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Tegan is currently working in our Tiny Tadpoles and  Curious Koalas Room. Tegan started working at Mother Goose in 2013 as a trainee. Tegan has since completed her Cert 3 in Childrens Services, First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training. Tegan has returned to work Part Time, Wednesdays and Fridays 9-5 after starting a family. 



Jaclyn joined our team in 2017 after many years of working casually for Mother Goose Day Nursery. Jaclyn this year has taken on the Room Leaders position in the Curious Koalas Room. Jaclyn has her Diploma in Childrens Services and First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training. Jaclyn has many years experience in the Child Care Industry.

Personal Philosophy

I believe all children are unique individuals, who learn and develop in their own way.

I believe that children learn and develop better through play-based activities. Children are able to use their imaginations to explore and develop an understanding of the world around them through these play-based activities.

I believe developing and maintaining positive relationships with children and their families is of the upmost importance in a child care setting creating these positive relationships creates a positive atmosphere for children where they are at the service and will help make families feel comfortable.

I believe creating positive relationships between the staff is extremely important. It will encourage team work and provides a positive atmosphere that makes all children, families and staff enjoy being together in the child care environment.

I believe my role is to provide educational and fun activities that promote learning and growth in all individuals in all areas of development. I am a guide to help the children in their early years and to help them discover and explore their individuality.


Dana joined our team in May 2017 and has completed her Certificate 3 in Children's Services. Dana has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training.


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Denise is the Room Leader  in our Leaping Frogs Room. Denise has her Degree in Teaching Early Childhood, and Supervisors Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training. Denise has a number of years experience working with children with additional needs and many other workshops, training's that add to her experience. Denise is also a foundation educator of Mother Goose Day Nursery.

Personal philosophy

I believe every child is unique and full of potential in their own way.

Each child grows at their own pace and each child comes from a family which has their own culture, belief systems and values.

I endeavour to work in a partnership with families in order to create a culture of belonging, so each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Family is first and foremost a child’s first educators.

I believe in developing strong, respectful and reciprocal relationships with all families and children within my care.

I will support children to develop trusting and respectful relationships with others, allowing all children to feel safe, secure and supported.

Early childhood learning happens through play. Children learn by doing and active participation.

When given the opportunity to explore, children flourish. They experiment, make choices, achieve strength and a sense of belonging as an effective and valued individual within the context of a safe and supportive environment.

“Play is the highest form of research”
                                    - Albert Einstein

As an educator and a life-long learner I feel I have the responsibility to instil a love of learning, to pose questions and work with children to find answers and provide children with meaningful experiences.

Frobell believed “that play is of paramount importance in the development of the child”. He describes play simply as “active learning within the real world”.

As an educator I reflect on my play experiences as a child. These experiences and relationships have great significance in shaping who I am and who I am becoming. These experiences have encouraged me to take calculated risks and to follow dreams within the Early Childhood environment. I encourage risk taking and investigating, exploration and imagination.

My program is full of discovery and freedom allowing children the opportunity to make a mess, play in the mud and dance in the rain.

I reinforce the values of enabling children to respect their natural environment and have a love for the world around them.

“We could never have learned to love the earth so well. If we had no childhood in it”
                                                                                                                                -George Elliot


Majella has her Certificate 3 in Childrens Services and works Full Time in our Leaping Frogs Room. Majella has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training. Majella has returned to study recently to work towards her Diploma in Childrens Services.


Ashley Joined our team in February 2017. Ashley has her Diploma in Children's Services and works full time in our Leaping Frogs Room. Ashley has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training.

Personal Philosophy

I aim to provide a high standard of professional care in a secure and stimulating environment. I believe that children learn through their interaction with their families, peers and educators.

I believe that each child is unique with different development stages and diverse backgrounds. I will endeavor to work together with families and other educators to assist the children to extend their learning using the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia.

I value play-based learning and understand the importance of providing time for free and active play. I understand the importance of physical activity required for healthy growth and development.

I believe active play provides opportunities for developing crucial social skills while children are playing with their peers. Child-initiated play allows children to discover, imagine and create.

I recognise the social, cognitive and educational benefits of quality early childhood education. These areas are important and crucial in ensuring children have the best start to their school lives.     




Kasie started at Mother Goose Day Nursery in January 2008 and is the Room Leader in our Brilliant Bees Room. Kasie works full time. Kasie is also the Educational Leader at Mother Goose Day Nursery.  Kasie has a Degree in Teaching in Early Childhood and a number of years in the Child Care Industry. Kasie has her Supervisors Certificate, Senior First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training. Kasie is passionate about many things within the child care industry, including documentation and Play Based programs. Kasie regularly researches current theories and practices to keep up to date. Kasie is a mum of three young daughters.

Personal Philosophy

I believe in every child right to play, to explore the world around them, directing their own learning (which all children are very capable of doing) as they create deeper knowledge of and connections with their natural and built environments. As children are given the freedom to do so, they are able to build a strong sense of self- learning about who they are now, how they fit in to their community and what they might aspire to be. As an advocate for children, I will support each child's right to play and self guided exploration by allowing large periods of uninterrupted time for children to immerse themselves in meaningful experiences.

I believe in forming strong respectful and trusting relationships with children in my care. I will support the children in developing trusting relationship with others, resulting in an environment where all children feel respected and valued. These relationships lay the foundations for all learning, as they allow children to feel safe, secure and supported within our environment, giving them the platform they need to confidently explore. I endeavor to work in close partnership with families and children, building respectful relationships in order to create a curriculum that reflects the culture, strengths and interests of each child; giving children a sense of belonging to our environment which will assist them to reach their full potential across all learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. 

In line with Early Childhood theorist Jerome Bruner, I believe that it is my role as an educator to create a lifelong love of learning for all children that come into my care. I will do this by ensuring meaningful experiences. My role is to give the children the tool to become successful learners and I can do this by presenting myself as a learner well- researched along side the children and guiding them in their quest for knowledge and understanding, using open ended questions and providing opened experiences that encourage children to think and explore endless possibilities. Through observation of the children in my care, regular reflection of my practices and the program and knowledge of theories pertaining to child development I also aim to provide an environment and experiences that interest, motivate, engage and challenge the children in my care to be successful learners, both now and throughout life.

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." Fred Rodgers



Sheree works in our Brilliant Bees Room. Sheree has Diploma in Children's Services, First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training.
Sheree has a number of years experience in Family Day Care and has 2 daughters of her own. Sheree started with us in 2009.

Personal Philosophy

My aim as a Child Care Educator is to offer all children , their families and educators a welcoming, safe, happy and nurturing environment. 

I believe young children are more likely to grow and develop into well balanced and independent adults when they feel safe and supported by caring and nurturing adults during their childhood.

I believe in the value of play and a fun and educational program based on children s individual interests, to strengthen childrens cognitive, social, emotional, language, creativity and physical development, following the guidelines of The Early Years Learning Framework, 2009.

I believe in working together with the team with Educators to provide "High Quality Care" so the children are able to develop and reach their full potential at their own pace in a nurturing and relaxed environment. I believe in opportunities for educators to have "programming time" away from the children which leads to all children receiving quality care and education.

I believe in following policies and procedures at  the service and as well as all children, families and visitors using the service at all times.

I believe in working towards a sustainable future within the service, continuing to improve the outdoor environment by adding plants, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, using natural resources where possible and compost. I value and encourage the children to explore the outdoor environment, investigating how, why, where and participate to maintain the garden, learning how to care about natures plants and animals, further developing their knowledge of caring for the environment, through "Hands on" experiences.

I believe in engaging families and the community to be involved in developing the service program through offering ideas and suggestions for their child's individual needs. I believe in encouraging parent contribution of cultural and family background information that may assist us in developing the program, e.g. Sharing skills, playing an instruments or professional support.

I aim to support the provision of healthy nutritious meals, following the "Good for Kids, Good for Life" guidelines.

All children and families have the right to be treated with respect and as equals, consideration is given to each families, cultural, religious and family values.

I look forward to providing your child with an educational program which is delivered by highly qualified and caring educators, where all the children have the opportunity to reach their full potential in caring and safe environment.


Dayle joined our team in January 2018. Dayle is working towards her Certificate 3 in children's Services and is working with the children in the Brilliant Bees Room.


Neashea joined our team in October 2016. Neashea is working full time between our Brilliant Bees and Leaping Frogs Room.

Neashea has completed her Certificate 3 in Childrens Services. Neashea's her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis training.


Stacey started at Mother Goose in August 2012. Stacey has her Diploma in Children's Services and is currently on Maternity Leave. Stacey has her First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training. Stacey also has a beautiful little girl and Twin boys. Stacey is currently on Maternity Leave.

 other Mother Goose staff


Ashley Joined our team in January 2017. Ashley is a fully qualified Chef and works full time in our kitchen. Ashley prepares all the meals fresh on the premises each day. Meals including Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Afternoon Tea. Ashley manages all our allergies and also purees for our Babies. Ashley uses the "Good for Kids, Good for life" to guide menu planning. 



Julie is the centre's cleaner. Julie is a foundation staff member of Mother Goose Day Nursery.

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Alex completed her certificate 3 in Children’s Services in 2014, when Alex recommenced with us. Alex has a First Aid Certificate, Emergency Asthma Management and Anaphylaxis training. Alex is working towards her Diploma in Childrens Services. Alex has two beautiful children. Alex is currently on Maternity Leave.